More and more homeowners are taking advantage of HomePro Contractors remodeling services to add value to their home or create the look and feel they have always dreamed of.

HomePro Contractors will discuss your overall wants and needs for your project. We will evaluate your existing space and determine the best way to incorporate your desires, feel free to write down all of your ideas and suggestions, this will help us better understand what look you are going for.

HomePro Contractors will measure your existing structures and review the property condition. This will help determine a comprehensive design plan that may require structural design, space design, or a combination of both.

Once your design plans have been discussed HomePro Contractors will give you a detailed description of each step of the construction process. The scope of the work will clearly describe what is included in the project and help you easily understand what will happen during the remodel.

HomePro Contractors will also draw up the required engineering documents that will be submitted to the City or County for approval of a building permit if needed.

After plans are made, permits obtained, and materials are selected HomePro Contractors will begin construction. There will be a project manager onsite to review the entire project to ensure that any concerns are addressed. We will meet with you on the job site to review the work process and walk through the remaining steps. Before and during the build process details such as where materials can be stored, how your home will be protected from debris and dust, and how to safeguard your children and pets during the build will be discussed.