HomePro Contractors uses a wide variety of roofing materials that are used on homes today. We will help you in every step of the way deciding on the roofing that is right for you.

Shingles- Roof shingles are made with overlapping elements that can come in different shapes. This roofing material comes in several types of materials which are wood, asphalt, slate, asbestos-cement, ceramic, and bitumen-treated. Shingles give a traditional look to roofs, especially those made from wood and ceramic. No matter what shape your roof is, shingles would still be the most practical choice.

They are generally produced in a square shape and are often mistaken for another type of roofing material-shakes. Shakes generally have a shorter life span but are highly recommended for its environmental-friendly composition. Roof shingles are installed from the bottom or the base of your roof, upward. In estimate, roof shingles (except for wooden ones) could last you about 40 years. Asphalt shingles are the most commonly installed materials, according to roofing contractors.

Slate Roofing- People on a budget often avoid slate as a roofing material because it is the most expensive in the market. However, its quality, durability, and zero-maintenance factor is well worth the money. Slates are cut from slabs of stones which would explain their gray color, but you can have them color-treated today. This roofing will lasts for a century or more and hardly needs any type of maintenance. It is resistant to insects and mold formation, and it’s fire-proof too. The downside to slates is the expensive cost of repair in case of damage.

You can also buy synthetic slates, which is made from either a mixture of slate dust and glass fiber resin, or a combination of cement and fiber. Synthetic slate isn’t as brittle as real slate, and it generally has the same durable quality as the real ones.

Metal Roofing- Roofers would tell you that this material is ideal in forested, moss prone, or heavy precipitation areas. It is made of steel, aluminium or copper. Metal roofing is lightweight and is one of the easiest to install. Metal roofing is generally more expensive than asphalt roofing, but cheaper than tile or slate roofing. Maintenance is minimal and is also quite functional in terms of controlling the temperature in your house. In addition, design and color for metal roofing comes in an array of options since metal is easily manipulated. You can even make it look like natural wood or asphalt shingles.